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Things We Are Looking Forward to Seeing!

Man looking up at the sky


It’s what helps us see straight!

The COVID-19 outbreak has put all of us in a tough spot. At LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland, we were asked to shut our doors in an attempt to contain the spread of this dangerous virus. Around Ohio, the country, and the world, business owners and organizations are doing the same thing. Everyone is waiting for direction as to what will come next.

That’s why hope means so much.

At LVC, we started this year with a campaign that spoke about 2020 being the “Year of Vision.” Typically, we work on your physical ability to see, but with this article, we want to work on the vision that occurs in your mind. That creative vision that allows us to dream and aspire. The vision that allows for hope. That’s why we want to take this time to talk about some things we can’t wait to see later this year.


We can’t wait to see you.

We know that sounds cliché, but we truly cannot wait to see our clients after this uncertain time. We miss smiles and handshakes. We miss giving you the ability to see the world clearly for the first time. 


We can’t wait to see a movie.

Online streaming is great and all, but we started to take for granted just how great it is to go see a movie on that big screen with that roaring sound system. We can’t wait to get back to the movie theater. 


We can’t wait to see Playhouse Square.

Cleveland is home to one of the greatest theater districts in the US. Right now, those stages are dark and silent, but we can’t wait for the day that we can get back in those seats and see the great productions we have access to. 


We can’t wait to see our Tribe.

Spring means baseball and, in Cleveland, that means the Indians. The team was just getting started when the world was put on pause. We can’t wait to see them take the field for the first time at Progressive Field. 


We can’t wait to see stocked shelves!

It’s hard to believe that just weeks ago we had access to every kind of food and toiletry product you could imagine. How great will it be to see those shelves stocked again!


We can’t wait to see the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

Those animals are so beautiful and vibrant. If you put off a trip to the zoo prior to the stay-at-home order, save some time to get there once it’s reopened. Take advantage of the access that we have to that world-class facility. 


We can’t wait to see hugs.

We were all made to shake hands, play games, high-five, and, most importantly, hug. We can’t wait to see the healing that will come from being able to embrace one another again.


Hope. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. At LVC, we give hope that one day our patients will be able to see the world in a way they never have before. Right now, all human beings are seeing a world unforeseen. Our hope is that when the world gets brighter and clearer, you’ll come to visit us to see it the way it is intended to be seen. Stay safe and stay hopeful!

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