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Topography-Guided Technology Is Changing LASIK


Delivering Enhanced Vision Results to LASIK Patients

Twenty years ago, it was common for prospective LASIK patients to be uneasy about the thought of a surgeon cutting a flap into the surface of their corneas. Flash forward to 2021 and blades have long been a thing of the past. What took their place? In a word: Lasers.

The LASIK surgery experience changed dramatically with the development of wavefront-optimized laser technology. Instead of relying on a mechanical cutting tool called a microkeratome, LASIK surgeons use Intralase bladeless technology to apply tiny, rapid pulses of laser light that creates a thin, hinged flap in the cornea. The laser reshapes the eye tissue and repositions the flap, all without the use of a blade.

As you would expect, LASIK technology just continues to get better. Nothing showcases that more than the development of Contoura™ Vision Topography-Guided LASIK. While wavefront-optimized technology also changes the shape of the cornea, it treats the surface of the cornea as a flat plane. Contoura™ uses a Vario Topo-Analyzer to map the surface of the cornea. Rather than treating the cornea as a flat plane, it sees your cornea as a mountain range with unique peaks, nooks, hills, and valleys. Consider that the average horizontal diameter of your cornea is about 12 mm. Contoura™ maps 22,000 unique points within that tiny surface area, discovering irregularities that were previously undetected. This delivers an even higher degree of precision in vision correction.

Not only does Contoura™ provide enhanced vision correction, but it is able to reduce some subtle post-operative irregularities like night glare, halos, and dry eye. There is no added cost to Contoura™—it is not a replacement for LASIK, but an enhancement to Intralase bladeless LASIK surgery.

Your candidacy for Contoura™ will be determined through the normal consultation and pre-operative process at LVC. Whether you are a candidate for wavefront-optimized LASIK or Contoura™ topography-guided LASIK, your surgery will deliver precise vision correction results. All surgeries are performed by Dr. Greg Eippert, an experienced and trained LASIK surgeon, and the LVC team will provide all pre- and post-operative care.

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