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What a Patient Sees During LASIK Surgery

In Northeast, Ohio, many of us grew up watching scary movies hosted by The Great Ghoulardi, Big Chuck and Little John and Superhost.  Nothing was scarier than huddling under a blanket and waiting for a monster to jump out from behind a door in a dark room while trying to be quiet so our parents didn’t hear us squeal. But there is no reason to be afraid when it comes to LASIK!

Many strong candidates for LASIK fear the surgery and end up putting it off or vowing just to stick with glasses and contacts. We find that in most cases, this fear stems from not knowing what to expect. That’s why we decided to create a video that takes our future patients on a firsthand journey through the LASIK surgery process—from their unique point of view. Now, you can see exactly what a LASIK patient sees in the surgery room, including the view of the lasers from your position in the reclined surgery suite chair.

This video showcases the entire process, from the moment you first walk into our LASIK center to your comprehensive eye exam to the day of your LASIK surgery.

On that note, welcome to LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland! Step inside and gain a patient’s perspective of LASIK surgery.

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