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What Happens During a LASIK Consultation?

Preparing to schedule your consultation with a LASIK surgeon? If you are seriously considering LASIK surgery, you are probably wondering what happens during the consultation, and what questions will be answered. While meetings will vary among LASIK providers, most will have shared main objectives.

To determine the health of your eyes. During the consultation, a number of examination techniques will be used to determine the health and focus abilities of your eye. These will not be unlike regular eye examinations that you have experienced before, but they will go beyond the scope of a normal exam. For example, the surgeon must have a thorough understanding of the shape of your eye, as laser vision correction will reshape your cornea to adjust your vision.

To give you the opportunity to ask questions and share concerns. Of course, you will have many questions for your surgeon, ranging from whether you are a good candidate for the surgery to what the recovery process will be like. This is your chance to share your thoughts and concerns, whether it is regarding costs and financial plans or if the procedure will be painful.

To ask you questions. Keep in mind you will also be asked questions, such as your motivation to have the surgery. This information will help the surgeon get to know you as well as help to manage your expectations.

To provide information. The surgeon or another staff member will share with you a great deal of information about the procedure. This is an opportunity to learn about how LASIK works, the technology that is used, what you would need to do to prepare for the surgery, as well as what you can expect during recovery.

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