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What If I Move My Eye While Undergoing LASIK Surgery?

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What Happens If You Move Your Eye During LASIK

Before undergoing LASIK surgery, there are naturally many questions and fears that crop up. One fear that many people may have is about what will happen if they move their eyes while undergoing LASIK surgery.

The good news is that moving your eye during LASIK will not cause a problem. LASIK surgery is incredibly quick which reduces your need to move your eye. However, this is not the only factor coming into play in regards to moving your eye.

The lasers and machinery used during LASIK surgery are incredibly precise and are able to track eye movement. With even the slightest movement, our lasers will instantly react and cease treatment until your eyes are fixed on the target again. Moving your eye will not cause any problems during your surgery; however, it is important to keep your eyes fixed on the target.

So, moving your eye during LASIK surgery is not worthy of concern. Whether you move your eye, or you don’t, our systems will closely monitor everything and adjust accordingly to make sure that your procedure goes according to plan. It is important to keep your eyes fixed on the target during the surgery, but as you know, things happen and your eyes may move. If they do, our lasers will cease treatment until your eyes are back in the required position. So, don’t let your fear of accidentally moving your eyes keep you up at night – our advanced systems will protect your vision from harm.

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