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What is Contoura™?

Contoura Guide

If you’ve been researching LASIK, you’ve probably heard a lot of terms floating around about the procedure and you might not know exactly what all of those terms mean. One of those terms that you may have heard is “Contoura.”

So, what exactly is Contoura™?

Contoura™ is topography-guided LASIK. It is a custom LASIK surgery that involves corneal mapping and through that mapping of the cornea, a custom treatment plan is created based on a specific person’s cornea.

While all LASIK treatments use a laser to change the shape of the cornea and all deliver great results for the patient, a Contoura™ treatment goes a step further. A Contoura™ treatment is customized to the unique contours of an individual’s cornea by using a detailed corneal scan.

Before undergoing Contoura™ surgery, the candidate undergoes the aforementioned extremely detailed scan of the cornea which allows for a custom treatment plan to be created that can more accurately accommodate the specific contours of the patient’s eye than a regular LASIK surgery. This scan measures 22,000 points on the cornea that are used to create a precise treatment plan. Isn’t that incredible?

Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland is proud to offer Contoura™ and is pleased with the results we’ve been able to offer our patients.

We’re also proud to showcase our brand new Contoura™ guide which provides additional details on Contoura™ surgery, provides before-and-after pictures and discusses qualifications for Contoura™ surgery.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Contoura™ process, check out our brand new Contoura™ guide. We can’t wait for you to see it!

Think you might be a candidate for Contoura™? Check out some more information on qualification on our new guide. Currently, about 40% of LASIK-qualifying patients qualify for Contoura™.

Ready to see if you qualify for Contoura™ topography-guided LASIK for sure? Let’s talk! We’d be glad to discuss the options and determine if Contoura™ is the right option for you at a consultation.


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