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What LASIK Surgery Patients Are Saying

We know many of our prospective LASIK candidates are doing their research online regarding what to expect during LASIK surgery, what the recovery is like, and which local LASIK surgeons are the best in the Cleveland area. Sometimes, the most compelling information comes in the form of patient testimonials and reviews. We understand that as a prospective LVC patient, you want to hear from other patients who have already gone through the experience and can provide feedback.

You will see many reviews of LVC on Google and Facebook, as well as many testimonials on our website. So what are LVC patients saying about LASIK surgery and, more specifically, their experience at LVC? Oftentimes, the most common obstacle to getting LASIK is a patient’s fear of surgery and of the unknown. We help to remedy that by providing you with as much information as possible about the process and what to expect, and ensuring you have a positive experience on surgery day. We’ve compiled some of our patients’ recent feedback below:

“When you book your surgery, they explain every step of the process, show you the surgery room and answer any questions that you have about the procedure. They actually care about you as a person and want you to be comfortable with everything. The facility is extremely clean and well-kept. I was a little nervous on the day of my Lasik but the staff talked and joked with me about things and it helped me keep my mind off of being nervous.”

– Stephanie H.

“I was pretty terrified to have the surgery done, but the staff at the clinic made me feel so comfortable, and reassured that everything would be okay. The staff explained the whole process thoroughly and in a way I could understand, so I knew exactly how I was going to feel before/during/after surgery. Once I stepped foot into the operating room I knew that I was in good hands. Being able to see for the first time in my life without glasses/contacts was an incredible and unforgettable feeling.”

– Ryan C.

“A beautiful facility with a super friendly staff. I’m about 12 days after my surgery and all is well. It’s awesome to wake up and see clearly.”
– Monika G.

“Having Lasik done with the Dr. and his staff was a great experience. I was pretty worried about the surgery because I mean it’s your EYES. The staff made me feel so comfortable and reassured that everything would be okay. They explained the whole process thoroughly and wanted to make sure I was comfortable with each step. Once I was in the operating room they walked me through every step of the process and it followed what they said was going to happen. The staff was very helpful. Being able to see for the first time without glasses/contacts was amazing.”

– Maurine S.

If you are considering LASIK surgery, we hope that you will one day be leaving your positive feedback following a successful LASIK surgery at LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland. Take the first step by scheduling your initial consultation with our team.