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What MMA Fighters Should Know About Laser Eye Surgery

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LASIK vs. PRK Surgery for Combat Sports Athletes

When you step into the ring as an MMA fighter, the last thing you want to think about is a loose or uncomfortable contact. Contact lenses and glasses are generally not appropriate for competition. But if you need vision correction assistance, what are your options? 

Let’s take a look at two types of vision correction surgeries:

  • PRK


Can MMA Fighters Get LASIK?

Many athletes—both recreational and professional—have considered laser eye surgery to correct their vision and enhance their performance. LASIK, perhaps the most popular and well-known vision correction surgery, involves using a laser to create a small flap in the cornea in order to reshape the cornea and redirect how light hits the retina. This flap needs substantial time to heal, and one unexpected blow to the face could dislodge the flap and affect your LASIK results. Because of this, it is generally recommended that combat sports athletes like MMA fighters do not undergo LASIK. 


PRK Surgery for MMA Fighters

PRK, another form of laser vision correction, is a strong alternative to LASIK for the right candidates. While more upfront recovery time is required, there is no corneal flap created that could become dislodged if the patient sustains contact to the eye during a match. Instead, PRK surgery involves removing the entire thin, top layer of the cornea.

Many MMA fighters and other combat sports athletes choose PRK to achieve the vision correction results they want while being able to continue with their sport. It’s important to note that there is no “automatic qualification” for LASIK or PRK: Ultimately, your doctor will determine the best option for you after a series of comprehensive eye exams, conversations with your primary care physician, and discussion about your unique medical history.

If you are ready to learn more about PRK and your potential as a candidate for laser vision correction, please reach out to our team and reserve your consultation appointment.


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