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LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery: What to Expect

It is natural with any surgical procedure to have questions about recovery, and LASIK surgery is no exception. Many people interested in LASIK are curious or worried about what they will experience after their surgery  is performed. The reality is that both the discomfort and the restrictions after LASIK are limited, and will depend on your unique situation and your doctor’s recommendations. Here is what you are likely to expect after your LASIK surgery:

  • You may experience minor discomfort following the surgery. Some patients experience a temporary burning sensation, as well as scratchy, irritated eyes, that normally dissipates after the first day.
  • Be prepared for some shut-eye. The day of your surgery, you will be required to keep your eyes closed for 3 to 4 hours. It is suggested that you try to take a nap and sleep for that amount of time. While you sleep, for the first several days, you will need to wear eye shields or goggles. This is to keep you from accidentally touching or rubbing your eyes while you sleep.
  • Aside from showering, you will need to stay out of the water. It is generally recommended that you do not swim in a pool, lake or ocean for one week after the surgery, and that you stay out of hot tubs for up to a week as well. So, it is not ideal to plan a vacation immediately following your LASIK surgery. Plan to wait until your recovery is complete.
  • Extra caution will be needed while showering. It will be important that you close your eyes when washing your hair and avoid rubbing around your eyelids or other eye areas.
  • Your surgeon will also ask you to observe some additional restricted behaviors to ensure your safety during the recovery period. Keep in mind that these restrictions, and their length, may vary from patient to patient:
    • Avoid strenuous physical activity and excessive alcohol for several days.
    • No contact sports for up to a month.
    • No makeup, lotions or creams around your eye for up to one week.

If you have additional questions about what to expect after LASIK vision surgery, contact the staff at LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland. Our patient specialists are happy to talk to you and address your questions and concerns. Ready to move forward with a consultation? Schedule your appointment online today.