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Why You Should Not Fear LASIK Eye Surgery

While it is normal to experience some anxiety or nerves before any surgical procedure, we believe you should not fear LASIK surgery. We want to share some of the common fears and realities of LASIK surgery, as we do not want the fear of LASIK to keep you from realizing the benefits of laser vision correction!

Fear of the unknown: We find that most people have fears about LASIK surgery simply because they fear what they do not know. However, once you become a patient at LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland, our entire team will be there for you during every step of the process. We make sure to explain every step of the procedure so that you are aware of what will happen both during and after the surgery. From your initial scheduled consultation to meeting with your surgeon in the post-operative exam room, our doctors, patient care specialist, and office staff will be there to answer your questions, providing caring and helpful support.

Fear of experiencing the actual surgery: Others fear being awake during the laser correction surgery. While it is true that you will be awake during your surgery, your eyes will be numbed with special eye drops and a mild sedative will be available to you if you choose it. Despite being awake, you will experience nothing more than a mild discomfort.

Fear of whether the surgery will be successful: At LVC of Cleveland, our LASIK surgery team is equipped with the most advanced technology in the field, allowing them to provide you with the highest quality LASIK surgery. Your surgeon will also work closely with your eye doctor both before and after your surgery to ensure the success of the surgery in achieving your vision correction.

Fear of the recovery: The recovery from LASIK for the majority of patients is quick and pain-free. We have detailed what you can expect after your surgery, but aside from some minor discomfort and restrictions, your recovery will not be a difficult experience.

Many patients following LASIK surgery express that they regret being so nervous or anxious, as it was not necessary. We want to help ease your nerves or fears. If you would like to speak to a member of our team about your questions regarding LASIK surgery, contact our team today.