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Work It Out: Exercises for Your Eyes

Man sweating from working out

Work It Out!

Exercises to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Whether you have had LASIK surgery or not, keeping your eyes strong and healthy is important. LASIK surgery can correct issues with vision, but your eyes are still surrounded by muscles, tendons, and ligaments that need to be exercised to ensure that they continue to function properly.

So, let’s get our protein shakes ready. Throw on the spandex and a headband. Lace up the tennis shoes and get ready to sweat. It’s time to join LVC and get ready to work out those eyes!


Exercise One: The Basic Eye Roll

For once, rolling your eyes is going to be positive. The basic eye roll is similar to a basic stretch – a great way to exercise your eye muscles. First, turn off or look away from any screens. Sit up straight. Roll your eyes to the left. Roll your eyes to the right and repeat. Face a blank wall if you can. 


Exercise Two: The Eye Press 

This exercise will feel amazing and help you relieve pressure on your eyes. Close your eyes and press gently on your eyelids for 10 seconds. Let go for 3 seconds and repeat. Do this for 10 reps.

Sweating yet? Let’s keep going!


Exercise Three: The Mr. Miyagi

When Mr. Miyagi, the karate sensei in the Karate Kid movie franchise, wanted to heal the injuries of his students, he would rub his hands together and use the warmth for therapeutic heat while massaging their injuries. Rub your hands together to warm up the palms and then apply the palms to your closed eyes. That warmth will feel like a warm compress and provide relief to tired eyes.


Exercise Four: Eye Graffiti

Stare at a blank wall and pretend that your eyes are aerosol spray paint cans. Use those aerosol eyes to “paint” words on the wall and then retrace those words. Do this for about 30 seconds and then take a 10-second break. Repeat this process for about 2-3 minutes.

And let’s cool it down.


The Cool Down: Slow Blinks

To end our workout, it’s time for us to find a nice, calm way to get our eyes ready for daily life again. We’ll do this with the slow blink. Look at a blank wall and slowly close your eyes. Keep them closed for 20 seconds. Open them slowly and repeat the process. Do this for 20 reps and then drink that protein shake – your workout is done!


LASIK surgery will help you see better than ever. In many cases, the end result is better than 20/20 vision. But that doesn’t mean your eye health can be ignored. Just like every other muscle in your body needs to be exercised, so do the muscles in your eyes. So, let’s make a deal. Stop in and get your free LASIK consultation to see if you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery. Then you can continue to improve your eye health by keeping up with these great exercises.

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