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Working With Your Primary Eye Doctor

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Your LASIK Journey

Working With Your Own Eye Doctor

On your path to LASIK, you will work with two doctors: your primary eye doctor and a LASIK surgeon. Together, these two doctors will co-manage your LASIK experience. LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland has a large network of affiliates. When a doctor becomes an affiliate of LVC, it means they have met the criteria required to provide testing and care to patients throughout the LASIK process.

Your primary eye doctor—the doctor you visit for annual exams and prescription updates—can provide initial information about LASIK. He or she will have a good idea of whether you would make a strong candidate based on your current eye health, your medical history, and the consistency of your vision prescription over the last few years. Once your doctor refers you to LVC, we will schedule your initial consultation to perform our own tests, using corneal mapping technology to get the best possible imaging of your eyes.

From this point, LVC and your primary eye doctor will work together as a team to manage your care leading up to the LASIK procedure as well as your post-operative care. The benefit of choosing LVC for your LASIK procedure is that ability to visit your own doctor for your follow-up appointments.

If you are looking for an affiliate of LVC, search our list of current affiliate doctors across Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. After discussing LASIK with your doctor, reach out to LVC to take the next steps on your LASIK journey.

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