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You Can Afford Laser Eye Surgery

As with any medical procedure, it is normal to have questions about costs and financing plans regarding LASIK eye surgery. At LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland, we want our patients to understand that they can afford LASIK surgery. Our goal is for no LASIK candidate to put off the surgery because of concerns related to financing.

The procedure to correct your vision does require an investment.

Laser eye surgery is an intricate and detailed procedure, relying on the exact precision of a highly qualified LASIK surgeon, and, as such, does require an investment in your vision.

It is also important to consider your current expenses to take care of your eye health and vision correction. If you wear contacts, you are likely spending hundreds of dollars over the course of the year for lenses, solution, and eye drops. And, these costs are perpetual, occurring year after year. LASIK surgery is a one-time cost and one-time expense that gives you long-lasting results. When you consider the cost of LASIK, also consider the cost savings for a lifetime.

There are financing options available.

At LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland, we have a partnership with CareCredit, a financing provider that offers a variety of LASIK payment plans. These plans offer affordable options and varying timelines so that you can find LASIK surgery plan that meets your unique financial situation and needs.

If you have questions regarding the financing for your laser eye surgery, contact the team at LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland. We are more than happy to talk through the costs and options available to you. Call today!